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Think You Should Rebrand? 7 Reasons to Think Again

There are many benefits to a well-strategized, carefully executed, and implemented rebrand. When done effectively, it can re-establish brand relevance, increase awareness with those you best serve, and even redefine your business model. In my 10+ years [Read more...]


Re-assert Your Prestige Dominance: 5 Lessons from Huguenin

Just imagine. You're Huguenin, the most prestigious, artistic minting (metal crafts) company in Switzerland with a broad international reach.You have refined your production process of minting and etching. You offer a wide-ranging, hand-crafted assortment [Read more...]


Turn the Unspoken to the Unforgettable

Alzheimer’s disease is Australia’s third biggest killer. By 2030, it will kill more Australians than cancer. Think about that for a moment. Whether you live in Australia, Angola, Azerbaijan, or anywhere else, you may know someone affected by Alzheimer's [Read more...]